Aloo Or Gobi Recipe Inwards Urdu

  • Potatoes
  • Oil customization
  • Garlic a ball
  • Red pepper (cooked) customization
  • A petty spoon fried hot spices
  • Half-threaded one-half ball
  • Cuban one-half a kilo
  • Drink onions
  • Ginger a lump
  • Salt gustation flavor
  • A dyeing spoon
  • Turmeric i blow
Aloo or gobi banana ka Tarika :
Cut the garlic, onion, ginger together with trounce it green. Clean the potatoes amongst H2O together with cutting the pare pieces. Cut the cabbage amongst build clean water. Then lay a pot inwards a pot together with piece of employment on it straw. Put tabular array salt inwards it together with add together potatoes together with piece of employment out of the almonds. Then lay onions inwards the pot of pot together with red, together with add together turmeric, salt, grated reddish pepper, garlic, dried, together with spices. Apply calorie-free H2O together with mix the ingredients amongst the Kefiger together with laissez passer on them the cap above. Keep calm downward together with afterwards x minutes cutting it inwards a pan together with sprinkled hot spices, grind it downward nether the stool together with acquaint it for hot food.

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