Plain Sweetness Lassi Recipe

This Pakistani patently lassi direction is an unprecedented active quaff delivered to you lot alongside the help of abide by out how to house along lassi alongside a unproblematic together with transient recipe; create it late together with bring an unprecedented quaff for your breakfasts together with lunch. it's miles virtually a refreshing together with energizing drink, therefore, 1 volition practise away alongside all of your fatigue.


1 inexperienced Cardamom pod
100 mil natural nonsweet yoghourt
1� tsp castor sugar
 one tsp perfume
200 mil mutual frigidness Water
4 Mint leaves

How to make:

use the over again of a spoon to carefully overwhelm an inexperienced cardamom pod, until it splits.
cast off the seeds beside your arms, together with house the seeds into a mixing bowl or jug, together alongside the yoghourt, sugar, perfume together with water.
use a mixer to the mixture the mixture into a swish paste. pour into glasses. garnish alongside a twig of mint.

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