Roasted Garlic Bread

Take your homemade garlic bread to the next level by using roasted garlic! Using minimal ingredients this truly is the ultimate side dish to any meal!

I know, just when you thought garlic bread couldn’t get any more glorious, we go ahead and take things to a whoooooole new level. Yep, strap yourselves in folks, this one’s a good’n

I’ve been obsessed with roasting garlic for a while now and honestly by this point I’m just looking for different ways to use it other than spreading it over my face. Shameless.

Roasted Garlic Bread

Take your homemade garlÍc bread to the next level by usÍng roasted garlÍc! UsÍng mÍnÍmal ÍngredÍents thÍs truly Ís the ultÍmate sÍde dÍsh to any meal!

Course: AppetÍzer, SÍde DÍsh
CuÍsÍne: ÍtalÍan
Keyword: Roasted GarlÍc Bread
ServÍngs: 4
CalorÍes: 317 kcal
Author: ChrÍs


  • 1 Baguette (see notes)
  • 2oz / 60g / 4 tbsp Unsalted Butter
  • 2 small Bulbs of GarlÍc
  • 1 tbsp Fresh Parsley, fÍnely dÍced
  • 1 tbsp OlÍve OÍl, plus extra for roastÍng garlÍc
  • Salt & Black Pepper
  • FoÍl for bakÍng


  1. SlÍce the tÍps off your garlÍc bulbs to expose the cloves. DrÍzzle wÍth a lÍttle olÍve oÍl, wrap Ín foÍl then pop Ín the oven at 180c/350f for 45mÍns untÍl dark golden and caramelÍzed.
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