Lazy Weeknight Dinners: 11 Family Friendly Meals

Lazy Weeknight Dinners: 11 Family Friendly Meals

11 lazy weeknight dinners that will make dinner a breeze. Life can get crazy and these 11 meals are sure to make life easier on busy weeknights.
Lazy weeknight dinners are the absolute best folks.
Now that my toddler is sleeping less, playing more and generally demanding more of my attention I find myself falling behind when it comes to putting dinners together that take more than 30 minutes.
Dinners don’t need to be fancy in our house. As long as they are balanced, tasty and generally healthy we’re a very happy bunch.
So, I’ve been turning to lazy weeknight dinners more and more. I’d really rather play with my kid than spend 2 hours at the stove cooking up a fancy meal. We’re still eating well and I get to take part in late afternoon tea parties, tricycle rides and couch jumping sessions that leave me a sweaty mess. And, I wouldn’t have it any other way.



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