Coconut Cheese Cake Recipe

Coconut is one of the tropical fruits that has a distinctive and unique flavor. Coconut meat that has a different aroma and taste when baked, becomes a cake, pastries or biscuits, so it is popular with people from all walks of life. What if you add tropical flavors to cheese cake?

This time, we serve Coconut Cheese cake which is not only unsightly but also delicious. This cheesecake is classified as grilled cheesecake, using coconut and almond flavored biscuits which are crushed to add texture and flavor. A mixture of cream cheese, coconut milk, fragrant pandanus and coconut in the cheesecake must be very tempting. Can't wait to try?

Coconut Cheese Cake Recipe

  • 150 g of coconut biscuits, crush it
  • 50 g of powdered almonds
  • 100 g of unsalted butter, melted

Cheese cake:

  • 375 g of cream cheese
  • 100 g castor sugar
  • 3 eggs, shake
  • 125 ml thick coconut milk, boiled with 3 pieces of pandan leaves (make a knot)
  • 2 drops of light green coloring
  • 2 young coconut fruits, dredge the meat

How to make

  1. Prepare the oven at 170ºC. Prepare the spring form pan
  2. Alas: mix the biscuits with almonds and butter, mix well, place to cover the bottom of the pan, press to stick. Store in the refrigerator.
  3. Cheese cake: add cream cheese with sugar until soft, add egg beaters little by little while continuing to shake evenly, pour thick coconut milk, stir gently, add young coconut meat, stir until all is well mixed. Pour the cheese cake mixture into a baking sheet that has been given a bikuit dough base.
  4. Bake au bain marie for 60 minutes, until the cheese cake is cooked. Turn off the oven, remove the au bain marie pan, let the cheese cake cool in an open oven. Cover with cling wrap, refrigerate.
In order to form a solid cheesecake, the cheesecake needs to be stored in the refrigerator for at least 6-8 hours before serving. Add fresh coconut topping when served, if you like. Serve cold in the middle of the warmth of your relaxed time with family, or as provisions at work. Good luck!

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  1. Coconut cheese cake is a wonderful idea to surprise your family with. Just be careful. Do not try this cake before serving it:-)

  2. I adore coconut taste. This recipe will surely be a perfect choice as the birthday cake for my daughter. Thank you very much.